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Tamago Fantasy Tap & GO!

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What’s hiding inside that mysterious egg??
Your journey to the most amazing world of fantasy surprises are just about to begin…. but are you really up for it!? Your quest is long and hard, and to finish it you better get tapping right away!You start with just your finger, and if you choose to use only that it will take you ONE MILLION TAPS to get that magical fantasy egg open!But don’t despair, you can also choose to use a wide range of amazing weapons to help you along the way:

- The Magic Wand: True Magic Power
- The Magic Sword: Even Stronger Magic
- The Magic Star: Instant Magic Relief
- The Magic Lightning: Magic at it’s best

Don’t miss out on the game everyone is talking about, this is the magical world of TAMAGO Fantasy Tap & GO!

Download now and find out what the amazing surprise inside the egg is!

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